Financial Policy

Eagle Summit Ministry
“Serving God’s Servants”
Honoraria Suggestions

Eagle Summit was organized as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) ministry in the fall of 1996. We are supported solely by the gifts of individuals, churches and businesses. Churches may support us with a monthly donation, with honoraria when we are involved in serving or with special one time gifts. All personal honoraria are directed through our ESM general fund. It is often the tension between our dreams and reality that maintains balance in a ministry. Your involvement can help us maintain that balance.

We are asking God to allow us to raise an additional $2,000 a month to meet our budget. We appreciate your prayer and consideration.

We do not charge fees. The following are typical honoraria:

  • Pulpit Supply $50 -$200 (Sunday morning service)
  • Special Events (banquets, outreach, etc.) $50-$200
  • Training Conferences (2-3 day) $300-$500
  • Camps (3-5 days / 6-10 messages) $350 – $1,000
  • Children’s Special Events (Awana Clubs, Sunday School, etc.) $50 – $100
  • Vacation Bible School (week) $300-$600

The only exception to this involves the hosting of a Walk Thru the Bible Seminar. Because of our partnership as a strategic alliance with Walk thru the Bible Ministries, there is a $350 speaker fee required for any Walk Thru Seminar.

We can serve others only as God’s people make it possible financially for us to serve. What may be seen as merely an hour of service probably required 20-30 hours of preparation, in addition to equipment, and vehicle expenses (mileage, maintenance, insurance). We also have office expenses salary needs. When expenses are not met, bills are paid first and then salary commitment. There have been occasions when salary has not been met. That requires that personal financial needs be met by outside employment, thus limiting ministry time and opportunity.

Your generous gift makes it possible for us to serve others who may be unable to give. Some churches have given generously, while others cannot.


Larger churches may help us serve smaller churches and by:

  1. Supporting us on a monthly basis
  2. Directing a one time gift
  3. Giving a generous honorarium for our ministry to you
  4. Upholding us regularly in prayer
  5. Keeping in touch by reading our Bi-monthly newsletter

The strength and health of our ministry comes from you. God uses you to hold our arms up in serving God’s servants. Eagle Summit is a unique ministry that allows us to meet a unique need. We count it a privilege to serve God and fulfill the passion He has put in our hearts. Will you help us fulfill that God-given passion?

Because of Jesus,
Board of Directors of ESM/George Hippe