“Qualifications of a Good Pastor”

A good pastor must have:

the strength of an ox,
the tenacity of a bulldog,
the daring of a lion,
the wisdom of an owl,
the harmlessness of a dove,
the industry of a beaver,
the gentleness of a sheep,
the versatility of a chameleon.
the vision of an eagle,
the hide of a rhinoceros,
the perspective of a giraffe,
the endurance of a camel,
the bounce of a kangaroo,
the stomach of a horse,
the disposition of an angel,
the loyalty of an apostle,
the faithfulness of a prophet,
the tenderness of a shepherd,
the fervency of an evangelist,
the devotion of a mother,
the ability to work with turkeys
and live on ‘chicken feed,’
and still he could not please everybody!”

This further underscores the unreasonable demands often placed on God’s servants.

Please God or please man, the choice is mine . . .